Personal Training  If you are ready to make a change to finally achieve those goals, well that is just the start now we have to figure out how. If you have been out there looking your going to find hundreds of fitness choices that say that they will give you a great workout, but is that what your really looking for? I don't think so, what you really are looking for is to surpass your goal and to achieve a lifestyle change. Once you work hard and get to those goals we want to make sure we keep them, and you do that by training the right way. As a NASM Certified training i will utilize provens evidence based concepts that will get you to your goals and keep you there. Not only will your body be assessed on a bi weekly basis but your personality and lifestyle will be addressed as well to ensure that you are successful in achieveing your goals. With an emphasis on nutrition, conditioning, core, and flexibility a comprehensive program will be made for you that will get you to your goal and keep you there.


60 day wieght loss Package           $350                                         6 Month Training Package             $275 per month

  includes : 6 Training sessions                                                        Includes : 24 Training sessions

                  2 30 min Stretch sessions                                                                6 Nutritional Consults                   

                  2 Nutritional Consults                                                                       6 Classes

3 Month Training Package            $300 per month                       Boxing/Kickboxing Package                     $300

  includes : 12 Training sessions                                                    includes : 6 sessions

                    3 Nutritional Consults                                                                  2 Stretch sessions

                    3 Classes                                                                                    1 Nutritional Consult