Fascia 101

Fascia is a connective tissue that wraps and envelops

our body, providing a pervasive web that interconnects

all tissues of the body. Simply put, it is fascia that is

responsible for the cohesiveness and unity of our body.

Fascia is located superficially and deep within the body.

Superficially, it is located directly beneath the skin.

Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue whose importance has long been

neglected. However, as our body of research has expanded, it is now

understood that fascia is critically important to the structure and function of

the musculoskeletal system. Indeed, it might not be long before the term

musculoskeletal system is replaced by the term myofascioskeletal system.

An understanding of the structure and function of superficial and deep fascia

throughout the body yields important implications for manual and movement