Class description:  

Foam Roller Stretch  (FS)- This is a class that will teach you the fundamentals of how and why to use the foam roller, you will do a complete from roller program total body that will be about 30 min, then the other half of the class will be stretching for alignment and pain elimination, this will also last 30 min.  The Goal of the class is to teach you how to remove Trigger points and soft tissue injury and to stretch the muscle in order to achieve a pain free lifestyle.

Toning & Core Conditioning  (TC)- This class is all about Alignment strengthening, core, and balance, it is mean to find all the weaken under active muscle that are not doing there job and get them back in to play so that your body can naturally realign its self. When your load points are stacked properly (ankle, knee, hip and shoulder), then you are more likely to be pain free and at the same time give that tone beautiful shape and definition that you're longing for. This will be 60 min of full body training the will be hard, but needed to get you to your best form as well as stronger and pain free.

Brazilian Butt & Body Conditioning  (BB)- This class is all about conditioning every part of your body from head to toe with specific attention to enhancing the butt.  Your body will be worked using bodyweight movements, band work, Kettlebell work, dumbbell work and medicine ball training that is meant to enhance, lift and give you the booty that you have always wanted. This is 60 minutes of butt enhancement, toning and conditioning. This is a great class for weight lose and core development.

 Class Times:      Tues and Thurs    FS 10:00 am                                   Class Size:    Min will be 4, Max will be 7

                           Thurs                     BB  5:00  pm

                            Sat                        TC  10:00 am,   BB 11:00               Class Price:  $15:00 per Class

                                                                                                                 Packages $12:50 Per Class min of 6


           ************* More Classes can be added if classes are filled, Minimum of 4 is required***************