Class description:  

Corrective conditioning  (CC)- This class is based on structure and balance training with the fundamentals of how to train the body for proper alignment. Most of us sit to long at our jobs or sleep in bad positions and we are in a continous state of compensation, such as rounded shoulders and imbalanced hips which makes us go through life in pain and it really doesn't have to be this way. If your not training to end your compensation then your training to increase it, dont get me wrong all the other workouts out there are great but if your car is out of alignment you would fix it before you drive, then understand if your body is out of alignment why would you workout that way and hurt yourself it must be fixed as well. So this class addresses the proper movements that will help realign the body and there load points to give you the best oppurtunity to live a pain free life.

 Bootcamp Body Conditioning  (BB)- This class is all about conditioning every part of your body from head to toe with specific attention to getting that heart rate up and pumping.  Your body will be worked using bodyweight movements, band work, Kettlebell work, dumbbell and medicine ball training that is meant to enhance your ability to burn fat. This is a great class for weight lose and core development.

Toning & Core Conditioning  (TC)- This class is all about full body strengthening, core, and balance conditioning every part of your body from your head to your toe wtih the specifice goal to shape and tone the body. There will be a ton of attention paid to the core to assure that you achieave that body that you have always been looking for and you will do it safely. We will use everything from dumbells, kettlebells, Bands, and much more to get you to your goals and make sure you stay there.

 Class Times:      Tues and Thurs    CC 10:00 am                                   Class Size:    Min will be 4, Max will be 7

                            Thurs                     BB  5:00  pm

                            Sat                        TC  10:00 am,   BB 1:00                  Class Price:  $15:00 per Class

                                                                                                                 Packages $12:50 Per Class min of 6


           ************* More Classes can be added if classes are filled, Minimum of 4 is required***************